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This cream absorbs in straight away, nourishing your skin without weighing you down. The rich texture feels fresh & light! Love the moments as you nourish with this herbaceous, clean & earthy blend - luxurious moisture for face, neck & body. Essential oils in this blend are particularly appreciated by skin that is feeling active or congested.


Handmade with: Sage Woman wisdom & universal blessings, further empowering the all natural & organic* ingredients of:
rosemary & chamomile floral waters; spring water; sunflower oil*; emulsifying wax (vegetable derived); macadamia*, jojoba*, extra virgin olive* & sesame* cold pressed oils; vitamin E oil; grapefruit seed, blackcurrent & green tea extract; lemon*, ginger*, cedarwood*, dalmation sage* & rosemary* pure essential oils.

Sage Woman Earthern Moisture 50ml