Our Ethos

Organic.. authentic.. gorgeous!

100% natural product - and most of our ingredients are certified organic!


All ingredients are added in true quantities for real benefit... not just a fancy label!


All products are lovingly energised & hand made - you’ll know the difference!


‘eKoo’ creates with a conscience... No animal testing! No synthetic anything!


We guarantee our products! Try eKoo with peace of mind.

What’s so different about eKoo... We keep it real!

Our Beginning


Lovingly Energised, Conscious Creations

Created in 2007, eKoo was born from a collaboration between Kerry Cleopatra and our sacred Mother Earth

- to provide the highest quality, authentically natural skincare using traditional, artisan methods of creation, whilst honouring people, animals & planet. The eKoo products truly are, Mother Earth's wisdom and creations for us all - made a physical reality through Kerry and the beautiful growers of such divine ingredients!

With the birth of Kerry's son, Jarrah, came the last straw of using skincare that claimed to be natural, but weren't at the level she knew possible and necessary for her children and self, "They were ok, they just weren't great - I couldn't find a truly totally natural product! I was really wanting pure." And so came the very first collection to eKoo's unique range- gentle and nurturing Baby Kisses. From seeing the genuine results people were experiencing, Kerry grew her range to include skincare for women and men (including the full facial care system - Graceful Age), as well as introducing a range of 100% organic herbal teas & chai and therapeutic quality essential oils. 

Kerry handcrafts each individual creation (skincare, tea & chai) from scratch in a new workshop space within 'The Beautiful Place' in The Barossa Valley, South Australia. Each product and its pure ingredients were divinely channelled and Kerry continues to pour this conscious, loving energy into each small batch she creates, knowing the intention is imperative for eKoo customer's to feel beautifully nourished and genuinely improve not only the look, but the health of their skin. eKoo fiercely refuses to use any synthetic / nature identical chemicals or over manipulated natural ingredients, and contains many of the most valued organic ingredients available – in true quantities, regardless of expense! 

So if you’re looking for genuine artisan products with true integrity, that make you fall head over heels in love with your gorgeous, divine self and our beautiful planet, eKoo was created and continues to be just that.